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For over 30 years Dyna-Flow Corporation has provided all types of commercial and residential exterior remodeling services. Whether you need roof repair or roof replacement, flat roof or pitched roof applications, we do it all. In order to keep the cost of your home improvements affordable we provide honest and always competitive pricing.

Dyna-flow realizes that satisfaction starts with the initial consultation and continues with the design and implementation of your home improvement project. That is why we offer free consultations make every effort to keep your home remodelling project safe and clean throughout its duration. Listed below are just a few of the reasons Dyna Flow is the best contractor for your exterior remodelling or new construction needs.


We are driven to do only quality work from start to finish, regardless of size or price; so our final product is something you want to share with family, friends, and others associates. That's why our project managers perform daily job inspections to assure that your exterior home improvement meets our best standard of quality.


Some exterior remodeling contractors advertise lower rates and produce lower quality work that reflects their lower rates. Others use the "if I charge more there is a higher perceived value in my work" strategy and still produce mediocre and even low quality work many times. Even if you received a great job you still may have paid much more than you had to. Dyna-Flow produces the best balance between price, quality materials, quality workmanship, a truly well done job and long term support.


Exterior remodeling is all about teamwork. It's a key factor in keeping a project running smoothly and safely. Our remodeling team values the idea of teamwork so highly we’ve made it one of our guiding principles. In order to promote strong teamwork all of our crew leaders work from a central office where they coordinate job scheduling and voice concerns about job needs so they can be addressed before problems arise. Also, our company-wide job safety initiative is coordinated with weekly tool box talks to keep all crew members up to date with the latest safety standards. Our commitment to teamwork means fewer change orders, on-time job completion, and first rate safety protocol.


At Dyna-Flow Corporation nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and our customers. We pride ourselves in being committed to continually providing, developing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. The specific steps we have taken to keep your home remodelling project safe include:

  • We have a dedicated Safety Director.
  • We offer extensive training programs to eliminate confusion about handling of materials and procedures.
  • We perform a job-site analysis to identify unique safety issues and address the procedure prior to starting every job.
  • We have an extensive communication system that links all aspects of our operation to allow for quick answers and immediate attention to problem areas.
  • We perform job inspections daily and hold toolbox safety talks weekly.

All of these precautions are taken in order to provide you the peace of mind of knowing that your home improvement project is undertaken with the utmost regard for safety.


Contact Mike directly

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Mike has 40 plus years in the industry. He started Dyna-Flow from an irresistible desire to cut his own path. Through the years this journey has brought some of the most challenging situations one can encounter in life. With these challenges, many great experiences were born; producing integrity, maturity, and perseverance. These are the qualities he carries with him when partnering with a new customer, to accomplish their construction needs. Mike has also been compelled to bring these qualities to service our community at Wayside Cross Ministries, where he has served the homeless and drug addicted for 10 plus years. Mike was the Chairman of the board of directors for a 3-year term. His greatest passions are family, friends, sailing, construction, community service, and Faith.



Mike and Brian are very professional and easy to work with. They took care of everything with the insurance company and made it very easy for us. Any question or problem, they were there to take care of without a second thought. Would definitely recommend them to others.

Teri Stein

I would like to take this time to express my sincere thanks to DFC! About one week ago after a heavy rain, I experience water leaking from the bay window of the second floor of my home. This was not a total surprise in that several of my neighbors had experienced similar problems in the past. I immediately called several window/roofing specialists that I identified from Google, in addition to asking my neighbor who had repaired their leak. Several companies returned my phone calls and only two had time in their busy schedules to come over to offer me an estimate, one of which being DFC.

Mike, from DFC arrived Friday afternoon to give me an estimate. Upon the completion of a thorough investigation as to what the problem may have been Mike proceeded to share with me (in laymen’s terms) what may be the issue. Mike was not only an expert regarding the cause and prognosis he was also sincere, professional, considerate and made me, as a customer, trust his judgment. I will surely call on DFC in the future and will refer this company to others. Thank you Mr. Michael McKenna!

Ross Duncan

"It has been a pleasure to have you and your company involved in our house addition project. You handled all aspects of your work professionally and timely. It was no surprise to find that your installation crew was equally professional and thorough. Your company had great suggestions to help our project exceed my expectations. I would recommend Dyna-Flow Corp. to anyone, and plan on using your firm again in the future."

Sherry Miller

“Thank you so very much … At our renovation we know who to call for a roofer!”

The Phipp's

"We just want to say 'Thank You' fro your time and work to help us to solve our window proplem – which no one could seem to be able to help."

Scott and Dawna Wunder

“After searching for a contractor to replace the siding for three months, your helpfulness and honesty was a breath of fresh air. Your installers were consistently here and working hard to complete the job in a timely manner. The work is complete, the house looks beautiful and you can expect that we will be a vocal proponent of your business.”

Pastor Bob Tetrick, Messiah Baptist Church

“I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and thank you and your crew for such a wonderful repair job you did on the church roof. The damage was more extensive than anyone first thought, but you and your crew handled it in a very professional manner and it made us feel very comfortable to have your company do these repairs…..”